As the flowers grow. Chapter one.

Summer heat pushed over my tired body as I lay in a small stream. I shouldn’t have been running this early in the day, it was too dangerous but I needed to blow off some steam.

Steam that started with the awful elders. Mother says that I shouldn’t think like this because it will get me into trouble, they can read minds after all.

But mine can’t have been the first wondering eyes of the waterfall village and I was coming of age. That meant, I was out of here. Something told me I wasn’t going to get off that easily thought. I had too many extra powers for them to let me become some random Alpha’s wife, I would be wanted to carry on the magic in our own blood line.

This was all too much for me. I continued to lay in the steam, smelling the wonderful flowers and listening to the birds sing, rather then go face my destiny. Another smell then fill the air, a hunting Alpha, this close to our packs territory. That was risky. I liked it.

“Lola , is it really that bad?” The man said from behind me. His voice soft, charming and sure. He was confident. I smiled but I didn’t reply, I continued to lay in the steam waiting for the world to go by. I heard him getting closer and splashing, clumsily into the stream next to me.

He then said “if it was only as simple as, being with the person you had fallen in love with.”

I turned to look at him. Lucas and I had a long history, the land from my packs territory, was right next to his. His dark brown, shaggy hair covered his usually pale green eyes, eyes that were saddened by the news my elders has told me. News we both knew was coming but that neither of us wanted to hear. The choice wasn’t ours to make.

Lucas was a very young Alpha, his 23 year old body supported a wise head. A head that didn’t want me to have to leave.

“Have they told you who it is?” he asked in an irritated tone and I shook my head. He could sense my avoidance, he knew I was trying to protect his feelings but he wanted to protect mine.

He finally stood up, giving me his hand, he pulled me up to stand with him. “The thought of some old wizard or elf putting his hands all over you, makes me feel sick,” he told me, looking into my purple eyes and stroking my ice blond hair. The fact was, I was a half breed, part shape shifter, part wizard and I was valuable to a pack who needed extra power.

The elders are not above bribes and Lucas knew it. “We could mate now, it would be over with and we would be bonded. They could do nothing about it,” Lucas said hopefully but I shook my head.

“They would kill you to break the bond,” I told him and he looked at the floor, knowing it was true. I stroked his face and he kissed my hand “look at you, way too beautiful and unique for me,” he said.

He was such a handsome man, who had matured but wasn’t too old for me. I knew he was right, I was going to end up making babies for some important, powerful creature far away from the beautiful waterfall village that my shifter family lived in.
Lucas submitted to the fact I didn’t have information for him. He slowly walked away, turning to look at me with sad eyes. Eyes that knew that would be the last time I would see him. Knowing the elders were going to send me as far away as possible.

I slumped into the house and mother quickly sprayed me with perfume. I choked, shaking my head at her. “What are you doing!?” I shouted as she looked sadly at me.

“You smell like another Alpha,” she said suddenly as she continued to spray me “he’s coming, the elders and your match are coming now,”

“What? I’m not due to leave for a week,” I told mother, she pointed to my packed bag. Placing her hand on my shoulder “They think you are ready, they think it is time,”

The elders walked up to the house with my match. An Elf. I had a feeling with my half shifter, half wizard blood that it would be an Elf who would bid the highest for my virginity. I looked at him, he wasn’t terrible looking. Too much of a pretty boy for me, beautiful blue eyes and long, flowing, white hair. He was stunning but he looked delicate and light, I was used to tough and hard shifters.

I was used to a dark and charming Alpha. Not a prince. But they got closer and I had to accept that this was what was expected of me.

My mother happily let them in. She nows what is coming, I had an older sister, I had never met her as she became of age before I was born and took her place in a different pack. She was a shape shifter however, I was not. My mother always insisted that I was the product of a one night stand with a wonderful, handsome wizard. Deep purple eyes and long flowing silver hair. Similar to my appearance. And that was all I knew.

The elders looked very pleased with themselves, providing me with a mate that was worthy of our superior blood line. Mother wasn’t going to cry when I left. She would probably find a new mate and start again, much like most shifters. But I could feel a sadness from another shifter and I wished I could have told Lucas how much I am going to miss him, but that would have made this harder.

“Lola, this is…” a elder started beaming with pride.

“Airyck,” I interrupted, taking away the elders moment. It was clear who he was, a price of darkness, he came from a clan of night elves, very powerful, magical warriors. He had the family crest on the wonderfully plated, navy blue armour he was wearing. Airyck nodded, smiling slightly at me as I made the elders feel a fool.

“I can read,” I told the elders.
One elder rolled his eyes and grabbed my bags. Packed by my mother while I was laying in the stream with Lucas.

“Make it short ,” he snapped at my mother. Everyone cleared the house and I looked at her. She was proud I was going to carry the child of a warrior elf. I smiled at her and said “Goodbye,”

“Lola,” she said as I began to walk away. She looked unhappy, she looked like she was hiding something. She came over and hugged me, looking into my purple eyes and sighing “become as powerful as you can be and one day, you might return to us, return to him,”

I nodded.

I didn’t understand but the elders could hear everything and she couldn’t tell me anymore. I took my bags from the elder and wondered after my new mate. We walked into the forest, he smile at me, being light hearted, he asked “Can you summon portals?”

I nodded but I wouldn’t make one now, he knew that. He pushed his hand in front of him and twirled his fingers around, the trees bowed, making a cover over us, that then filled with light and we were suddenly in his kingdom. Far away from home.

We landed up on a hill. A hill at was facing the forest city that the night elves lived in, it was beautiful, huge tree houses and in the middle, a giant, wooden castle, the managed to tower above the trees and into the sky. It was beyond a fairy-tale because we lived in a word that had magic boy and that of the imagination. Airyck let me watch the city. He let me observed his troops patrolling the wall and study the markets inside, busy as it was about to fall dark and the days trading would be over.

I looked at him. He luckily wasn’t as old as I thought he would be. I could have ended up being betrothed to the king but instead they were kind to me and his son was the perfect age. He was terrible looking, he simply wasn’t what I would choose myself. Very tall, with some muscle, beautiful elven hair and wonderful, pale blue eyes but he was too pretty. Nearly perfection but too perfect. He let me watch him and take everything in.

That was kind. Most men would have thrown me on their bed and has their way with Me, it was what I was here for, to make him children.

“You’re not a simple mate to have,” he said as he became tired of letting me take everything in. He started to walk and I followed.

“I’m not that complicated.” I told him and he gave me a light smile.
“With your powers, I would do well not to push you into something you are not ready for,” he told me, thinking to himself along the way. “but you still have to be a queen someday,” he said in a stern voice suddenly, still wanting to assert dominance in the situation we were in.

“I know and I’ll do my best,” I told him but he wasn’t so sure, a look of confusion waved across his face before he dismissed what he was thinking and gave me another smile, a fake one at best.


Caught between the tick and tock – Chapter One.

Chapter one.

I walked home after I told Adam I would think over his proposal. And I would. My phone started to ring, another gift from him. It was Viv and she would want to know the gossip about tonight. Vivian was an intern like me, with the same fashion magazine but she was much more into high fashion then I was, she dressed like rock star but she used charity shop buys and the sewing machine to recreate looks she couldn’t afford. She was hugely talented at the fashion part and I was hugely talented at the writing part, we made a good team.

I picked up and I could hear the tapping of the sewing machine, Viv was breathing down the phone but I took a while to say hello. She laughed “Adam is perfect,”

I sighed down the phone, I knew I was coming across ungrateful but Viv knew how I felt and even though she was jealous of the expensive things that Adam bought me and the expensive places he took me to eat. She still understood. She had wonderful, vibrant purple hair, she was short and slim but had a huge presence about her. She was kind, clever and a constant friend.

“You haven’t made up your mind then?” she asked as I sighed again, wondering down the streets back to my apartment promising myself I would control the sounds I was making, especially the sighing.

“Where does he live anyway? Not that I really want the details because I am a green-eyed monster but as your friend I am interested,” she chirped as I could hear her hand stitching her outfit for tomorrow.

“He has a wonderful seven-bedroom house in Pinner, near the golf clubs, you know the type, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, a house his parents are proud of, not that he really spends much time there,” I told her “it’s a beautiful house, full of character with long black wooden beams in the ceiling, nice open kitchen and mass amounts of space.”

“Mass amounts of money more like,” Viv scoffed from the other end of the phone before laughing at herself. I took the phone away from my ear to check the time on it, ten to eleven, I needed to pick up the pace.

“It wouldn’t be much different to now,” Viv reassured me, and I knew it but I didn’t want to give in to his plea, he was a wonderful man however the lawyer spin he put on everything made me feel manipulated. It made me feel vulnerable.

I pressed the code into the apartment lock and climbed the stairs as Viv explained to me what she was putting together, then she spoke about the article we were putting together, telling me which designers she would like to feature and how we could impress our boss. I listened as I got changed out of the evening dress I was wearing, into skinny jeans, a hoodie and some comfortable trainers before crawling into bed.

“It eleven so it’s time for you to go, right?” Viv said as she noticed it was nearly seven mins past eleven and I told her I would see her tomorrow before putting the phone down and bracing myself.

I looked up at my sparkly square light and white ceiling, closing my eyes, took three deep breaths. Feeling my comfortable double bed with silk sheets turn into a small single bed covered in a cloth sheet. Opening my eyes to be greeted by the blazing sunshine, pouring through the glass ceiling of the time tower library. I jumped down from the top of the book shelf, smiling as I walked passed a child collecting books.

“Good morning Zuri,” Geck the time tower librarian said to me as I walked up to his desk. His mossy green coloured skin used to scare me and as a child I was convinced he was an alien, as I educated myself on all the creature at lived in Enamite, I learnt that he was a flower fairy. They lived in the far reaches, past the mountains and over the river, in valley’s full of flowers with little white mushroom houses. It was a vibrant sight but also poisonous if you didn’t know how to inhale the pollen properly.

His tiny wings expanded when he needed them, they were also a mossy green colour, long and thin, with curls at the end. Geck didn’t look like his wings could possibly carry such a tall and strong fellow but they did the job and he kept the library and its magical residence safe. Including me.

I had been able to travel here since I was around ten, I don’t remember the exact date, one night I closed my eyes and when I opened them, here I was. In a totally unfamiliar land. It was apparently the parallels between the two worlds that I could manipulate, I didn’t understand however and had spent years trying to figure out a way to not change between the parallels in the universe but every night I still ended up in Enamite and if it wasn’t Enamite it was somewhere much worse. I was the protector of Earth, Geck told me when I was younger that my passing between the worlds signified that Earth was safe from all the other crazy, dark and horror movie like worlds out there. Enamite was the world in between that stopped all the other worlds from attacking Earth, it was full of amazing magic creatures who trained their whole lives to protect earth, my job in all of this was to make sure I came back every day to prove that Earth was fine.

“How do I get home this time?” I asked Geck and he frowned like he usually did. Pressing his hand on a book, he searched the realm. He then smiled “The portal hasn’t move beautiful Zuri,”

“The same place as yesterday then,” I said to him as he passed me as bag of supplies. It wasn’t yesterday to them. I had been gone a week, one day on earth was a week for Enamite. For a long time, I was too scared to leave the time tower and Geck would make me portal home, but it drained his magic, I got older and he pushed me to explore. I spent years reading the books, trying to figure out who I was and how I could harness my time powers so that I could find my own way home. But nobody could help me. After so many failed attempts I spent my time trying to get home, I didn’t look anymore into my magic. I ignore it and plod on.

Geck was frustrated by my need to get back to earth because he was convinced I was born in Enamite but we were never able to prove anything. I could see why he would be frustrated however, Enamite was amazing. It was like a fairy-tale. I had met people who could do all kinds of magic, different creatures such as the wise elves and beautiful witches, wonderful wizards and scary shapeshifters, the fierce flower fairies and the kind humans. Nothing was enough to convince me I belonged here however.

I left time tower and headed out onto the country road, the road I was taking would send me straight through the forest of Neptune and towards Letterlite, the city of Elves, which is were for the last fourteen time shift the portal to earth had been sat. The forest of Neptune was the water forest, giant bubbles of water floated from the large river that ran through, the sparkled with magic and inside them the creatures that lived in the forest were born. The Wads, they were very strange looking, a cross between a fish, a tiger and some kind of talking, intelligent being but I wouldn’t say human. The Wads walked on all fours, were a beautiful blue colour with fins on their tails but a face much like a tiger. They do speak, they are dangerous but I had never had trouble with them before. Avoid the bubbles and avoid the Wads. That’s what Geck had taught me.

Before I entered the forest, I spotted another person walking the road. She was beautiful, long silver hair and she was wearing a stunning silver and blue wizards ceremonial cloak, this told me she was on a mission, sent by the High Wizard himself. I got closer and noticed she was lost, reading a book with maps on the pages and turning around to take in her surroundings.

“Do you think I might be able to help you?” I asked as I approach. The Wizard jumped and span around to look at me. She looked me up and down before saying “You, are exactly what I have been looking for!” in an excited tone.

“me?” I asked puzzled by the Wizards excitement in meeting me.

“You are Zuri, I have found you,” She said unpacking her bag full of things to try and find something she wanted to show me.

“How do you know I am Zuri?” I questioned as she pulled her head out of her bag for some air.

“You’re dress robes are particularly strange,” she told me in a straight tone, continuing to rummage while I stood waiting for answers. She jumped back and passed me a scroll.

“This is from the High Wizard,” I said hoping that I was hiding the tremble in my voice. The High Wizard was a very important part of Enamite, he can see things others cannot see and if he has sent a Wizard all the way to the Time Tower to find me, it must be something important. I opened the scroll, looking at the pages and then I showed the Wizard, she shook her head as the pages were blank.

“Impossible, when I picked the scroll up from The High Wizard himself, the scroll was written on,” she said, snatching the scroll from me and rummaging through her bag again.

“Did you read it?” I asked her as she sat looking very upset and puzzled on the side of the road. She looked out into the open field, across them towards another tower, that tower belonged to the Human King of this world and he was not a nice man. He couldn’t be, he was living in a world of magical creatures. She looked away from the tower and replied, “I did,”

“What did it say?” I asked trying not to get impatient with this meeting but I really wanted to be in and then out of the forest by nightfall. My tone however told a different story and the Wizard picked up on the sharp tone I had taken with her. She clicked her fingers, I was then sat next to her, I jumped back but I couldn’t go far. “Look here Zuri, I am here to protect you, I am Arian, daughter of the High Wizard and I am completely done for, if my father finds out I couldn’t even deliver a simple message,” She snapped at me then carried on rooting through her bag which seemed to contain a whole other world in it. She sighed heavily before letting me make my own choice to sit still by lifting the spell.

I decided to be a little kinder towards her, mostly because I knew that the realm of the Wizards was at the far reaches of Enamite, I hadn’t even made it there in the 14 years I had been returning. It would have taken Arian weeks to travel to find me here. I sat next to her, staring into the forest of Neptune, knowing I wasn’t braving it today as it would turn dark while I was in there and I could possibly be ambushed by Night Elves.

“The elves are exactly the problem,” Arian said as I thought about my crossing through the forest. I looked at her shock but she didn’t look toward me, she carried on searching. She reared her head a few moment later, closing her bag with a loud snap that echoed through the empty field before turning back towards me and saying, “Why did Geck not give you your robe to wear today?”

“I don’t know,” I said realising a step in my usual routine had been missed out. I had been so caught up in getting home and thinking through what Adam had asked that I hadn’t even realised I had left the Time Tower in my other worldly clothing.

“I even pointed it out when we first met,” Arian said in a smart tone “Is something else on your mind?”

“Yes, but that isn’t the point,” I told her sighing to myself.

“No, it isn’t, and you really need to stop sighing,” she suggested, I remember that I had thought that to myself earlier “back to Time Tower it is,” she then continued and I jumped in front of her, spitting “I can’t go back, I must go forward,”

“You have a whole week to get home before anyone notices you’re gone, yet you are instant on walking to the Elves within a night and taking their portal home, without question,” Arian pointed out walking back down to country road towards Time Tower as it started to glow Emerald Green, the night was beginning to draw in. I needed to follow her as the protection of a Wizard during the night is priceless to a human like me. She was clearly aware of that and even after me telling her I wasn’t going back, made a point of walking towards the tower anyway.

“Geck found the portal the usual way,” I told her, leaking small bits of information to her in hope she would do the same in return.

“You don’t have to bait me Zuri, I am here to serve you, to make sure you make it through this next Earth rotation, I however have an annoyance in that fact Geck has prepared you for nothing,” Arian told me as I followed her willingly back to Time Tower even though she insisted she was here to serve me. I didn’t want to go back to Time Tower, I wanted to go to Letterlite and take the poral home.

She turned to me, looking me up and down again. “I am wondering,” she began “Why you don’t have any powers yet?”

“Because I am human,” I answered her wondering slowly behind.

“Wrong,” she said, looking at Time Tower and shaking her head “You must have read books on the people whom fall from the sky,”

“The who?” I asked but she was not amused by my answer. I watched as she began to show signs of annoyance. Huffing, again dropping her bag but this time legs grew from it and it followed her. I knew she was talking about me, my kind of people, the people whom fall from the sky but I could never find any books or scrolls on my kind in Time Tower.

“There are hundreds of books in Time Tower about the people whom fall from the sky, I studied them around 60 years ago, I personally made the journey to Time Tower to learn about your kind as I had been chosen to look after you when the time would come that you needed your Wizard,” she ranted, I looked away and under my breath uttered, “my Wizard?” but Arian didn’t hear and continued her rant. “Don’t get me wrong, you are beautiful but you are a girl, I am not into girls, the worst part is every person who has fallen from the sky has fallen in love with their Wizard and they have fought the darkness together to save Earth, their love has blown away the horrible shadows that creep around this world waiting to destroy earth, we can’t do that, we are going to have to fight with our heads.”

She then scowled at me “Geck has a lot of explaining to do.”

Caught between the tick and tock-Prologue

Caught between the tick and tock


“Happy first anniversary to us,” Adam smiled from the other end of the table. We touched our glasses, and giggle to each other. He was sweet, he didn’t bother with me too much and that is why our relationship had lasted a year. He was a career driven lawyer and drove a wonderful ruby red Austin Martin, he spoilt me when he had the time and left me alone when he didn’t. It suited me perfectly.

However, on this night, it was becoming clear that Adam had different ideas. He smiled at me in the loving way he usually did, but today his eyes had that lawyer glow in them. He was going to get me to agree to something. He was rehearsing the lines in his head, he wasn’t nervous, he was confident and calm. He clearly thought I was going to agree.

The high class London restaurant we were sat in only served the best of the best. A Michelin star chief at the helm and award winning sue chiefs to help him out, the food was perfect. The room had a bight feel with crystal chandelier, gold and white coloured walls and comfortable rose wood chairs and tables. The waiters and waitresses were dress in a smart uniform bringing champagne to every empty glass. It was indulgent.

Adam had gelled down brown hair which was fixed perfectly in place and his green eyes were sparkling with temptation, he looked wonderful in his dinner suit and allowed the expensive champagne to keep flowing. Drinking a little more than he usually did. This gave away that he was going to ask me something. He took a deep breath and began his opening line “Zuri, this year has been amazing, I have laughed more in this year then I have ever laughed in my whole life,”

I could believe that. His parents were straight laced and strict, even now at twenty-six they would tell him off for things their high society friends might judge him for. I braced myself for his plea, he was very good in court, I had seen him and I was convinced by every word he said. It wasn’t going to be that easy in this case though, I wasn’t one of his clients and I wasn’t going to fall for his smooth speech.

“I feel I need to apologise to you however for the lack of time I have invested into you, you haven’t taken advantage of my wealth, you haven’t begged me to come home when I need to be at work and for all of this I am thankful and sorry,” he took a deep breath, thinking over his next sentence while I half cringed at his approach to asking me to move in with him.

Yes, I knew what he was trying to ask but I couldn’t accept, it was a complicated move for me and I couldn’t explain why. If I did people would think I was crazy. I wasn’t ready to let him know everything that I knew, the other side to me that I couldn’t share with him. Something I had kept a secret from everyone in my life, even my parents,

Adam continue “I cannot live a life so separate from you any longer, therefore I would like to ask you to move in with me,” perfect and to the point but his sweet honeyed sentences didn’t fool me. It was a bear trap. I looked at him sweetly, putting my long brown hair behind and ears, exhaling, making a slight unexpected tutting noise.

“Adam I like spending time with you and you treat me like a princess but I don’t think I’m ready to move in with you,” I explained, he wasn’t put off however, he continued to smile as I watched the clock. It was almost nine and I need to be home by eleven, he knew this though and shook his head as my eyes met his once more.

“I understand your condition means you must be in bed by eleven o’clock and I can accommodate that, I stay late at work most nights anyway, I’ve even stayed at work all night before,” Adam told me as his confidence began to slip. I admired him, most women of my age would kill to be in a relationship with someone as amazing as Adam, especially when they earn nothing. Like me. I was just coming to the end of my degree, studying journalism and was working voluntarily for a fashion magazine in London. It was an internship that Adam helped me get but it wasn’t the best place to be and I was the lowest on the food chain. I carried on for Adam though, he got me my car and paid for a beautiful apartment that I wouldn’t be able to afford if it wasn’t for him and his trust fund.

He wasn’t awful in bed, it wasn’t consistent enough to enjoy fully and even when we had amazing sex, one of us would need to rush off and we would miss out on the cuddling and morning coffee.

It would sometimes be spontaneous and exciting. Once on his kitchen side, on his grand piano, in his swimming pool and once discreetly in the back of a champagne bar. He was an attractive man, he wasn’t muscular but he wasn’t out of shape either, he was hanging in the middle with a visible v-line and baby abs. He knew how to hold himself, his serious face was handsome and he dressed impeccably.

We never said we loved each other though, he would say “I loved that we had dinner tonight,” or “I loved that we had sex on the kitchen side,” never that he loved me as a person. But then I didn’t tell him either, mainly because I wasn’t sure. The more I described him, the more I got annoyed that I wasn’t a mess when he was gone but I wasn’t looking at other guys. I didn’t know whether what I was feeling was love.

His eyes turned sad as I thought through what he had asked and I didn’t like it. I was the one person he felt comfortable around and I was making him feel uncomfortable, for me that was unnecessary and cruel. I had no real reason not to move in with him. It was just what happened to me once the clock struck eleven minutes past eleven every night but nobody had ever seen it happen.





Reason for living. 

Empty pillow space. This was something Lex never thought he would feel, how can some else make you feel so complete and how did he even function before without her. Without a part of himself that he can’t be without now. 

Was he missing something? 

What did she bring? 

He shook his head. He was independent and dominant, he didn’t need to feel empty when she wasn’t here, he was a full and strong individual. Or was he? 

He rolled over so he was taking up all of the space on the bed but as he look up to see her clothes hanging on the chair, he shook his head again. 

Was he afraid? 

No. Surely not. She was the last thing on his mind a year ago and now she’s the only thing on his mind.

Lex jumped out of bed just as Boh came through the door and chucked “bad isn’t it,” he said but Lex didn’t smiled. 

“I’ve never seen someone fight being in love so badly. What do you think is going to happen to you?” Boh questioned as his friend got dressed with a stern look on his face. 

“She’s a weakness,” Lex told Boh but he did as he usually did and laughed at his friends dim view.  

“Or she’s a reason for living,” he finished before leaving Lex to think about what he had said. 

Henry and Jake.

This isn’t part of Lex and the moon but I seem to be writing more of the Apex divison so I thought I would put some on here. 


Jake slowly turned to face Henry who was red and sweaty. Henry shook his head and tried to act like Jake wasn’t looking at him, he could feel him though and not on the outside. 

Henry had never felt a pull like it before. He didn’t want to believe Jake’s story, that he could make a difference. That he could be some else, less of a criminal and more of a hero but inside he knew Jake was telling the truth. 

Jake had an expression that echoed recent pain, an inner pain that made everything he said genuine and Henry liked that level of honesty. Jake wasn’t about to give into Henry though, he wanted Henry to come with him but wasn’t going to beg. Henry also liked that, it showed that he was still a free man. 

The fact was however Henry wasn’t a free man, he was wanted by the police and in serious trouble. He needed Jake to be free and Jake knew that, he didn’t use it against Henry, he wanted Henry to come because he wanted too. 

“Why should I come?” Henry said which made Jake laugh. 

“If I’m being honest, I didn’t want to go either, why should you leave your own little bubble right? Because Henry, you can be more than this,” Jake told Henry with another genuine glance that confused him. 

“I can’t,” Henry replied putting his head down and beginning to walk away. Jake became frustrated but swallowed it down so he could do the right thing. Jake took a breath. He walked over slamming the door, Henry couldn’t leave and Jake was standing toe to toe with him.

“I know you can feel it. You need to come with me because life with never feel whole again without my animal around yours but you wouldn’t want to admit that weakness would you? You’ve been fighting with people so long that you are even fighting with yourself. This isn’t you Henry. I can’t feel that. You’re a good man don’t let the bad things you have done overshadow that,” Jake explained without begging, without shouting, he held it together. 

“Wow, that was a good speech, were did you learn to motivate people like that?” Henry smiled telling Jake but Jake didn’t smile back, he walked away saying “I had an amazing big brother once.” 

In that moment Henry began to understand why Jake was trying to be his friend over his recruiter. Jake was missing something that only Henry could provide. Brotherhood. 


The cold wind skimmed across Lex’s face in a wonderful dance of fullness. A dance in which reminded Lex he was alive. The chill tickled his nose, nipping at it slightly before rushing to its next victim. 

It’s next victim was the tree’s, the trees which shook with fear in the wind allowing it to circle them and steal their leaves. Allowing it to leave them bare and vounrable however the trees still stood tall no matter how vounrable and bare they felt. 

The moment Lex transformed the chill ran away and his warm fur cuddled him. The heat chased away the cold and vounrability and the bare feeling he felt as a man. But he knew that was actually his problem. 

The trees managed to change their exterior every year yet managing to retain their beauty and knowledge throughout. Lex though about the man he needed to be and how he needed to be that man whom could transform on the outside but stay strong and bold on the inside. 

Lex then laughed at himself, how could he be comparing himself to a tree and then he began to think. He shouldn’t be comparing himself to anyone. 

He needed to forget that man that he didn’t become. The man that he wasn’t. Becoming the man that Destiny would want to spend her life with. A man that wasn’t afraid and upset on the inside but healed and strong.


Lex is the moon. 

Destiny watched him move. She watched as his perfect body proudly pranced down the side of the river and towards the fall. She watched as his confidence made the world feel little and shy. 

She watched as the moon followed him like a spotlight, showing off its beautiful creature of the dark. The Wolf that would only dance in the night. the moons perfect creation embodied in one soul, that soul being Lex. 

His heart was heavy like the moon, his charm and character only showing in the darkest of times. He was complicated like the moon, only one person ever understood him. Destiny knew that April would be the only one to ever understand her brother but she also knew he was slowly giving into her. 

The amazing man who watching the moon and for a moment when the breeze was just right, it felt like the moon was watching him back.